Best Trichologists for Hair Loss in India

Many rather qualified trichologists in India concentrate on treating hair loss and related troubles. Indian trichologists provide a holistic technique for treating hair loss difficulties, drawing from their wealthy revel in each historic Ayurvedic and cutting-edge scientific techniques. These experts offer green answers catered to character needs, garnering recognition both nationally and globally. They do this using the use of present-day technologies and individualized treatment regimens.

Dr. Rohit Batra- Curefy

Dr. Rohit Batra

Dr. Rohit Batra practices Dermatologic Surgery, trichology, and dermatology in New Delhi. He treats patients adults and children. He is also connected to New Delhi’s esteemed Sir Ganga Ram Hospital. Dr. Batra participates actively in a rural camp that runs every two weeks and has an outpatient department (OPD) with over 10,000 patients. In addition to giving lectures, he has visited numerous prestigious hospitals as a visiting consultant. As the top skin specialist in Delhi, India, he is a firm believer in lifelong learning and skill development. He accomplishes this by imparting his knowledge to his medical colleagues so that an increasing number of people can gain from it.

Dr. AJ Kanwar- Curefy

Dr. AJ Kanwar

Dr. AJ Kanwar is an expert in treating vitiligo, psoriasis, eczema, and pemphigus. He has over 46 years of experience treating skin problems in children. Dr. Kanwar is among India’s most accomplished dermatologists. He is an MBBS and MD graduate of AIIMS and a PGI Chandigarh instructor. He treated roughly 150 patients with rituximab and was the first person in India to describe the drug’s effectiveness in treating pemphigus. In 1995, Dr. AJ completed a course on pemphigus at St. John’s Institute of Dermatology in London. The expert also did a course recently in 2010 at Kurume, Japan. Dr. Kanwar asserts that words cannot express the satisfaction one feels upon witnessing a patient fully recover. At Dr. AJ Kanwar’s Skin Clinic, you will receive what you anticipate from an esteemed doctor.

Dr. Viral Desai- Curefy

Dr. Viral Desai

Dr. Viral Desai is a Board-certified beauty healthcare professional and is well-known for his competencies in hair recuperation and transplantation. He practices in Mumbai, India. Because, Dr. Desai is the founder and medical director of the CPLSS (Cosmetic Plastic Surgery & Laser Super-Specialties) Clinic, and he has over 20 years of experience. He is well known for his present-day techniques and individualized method of treating hair loss. Dr. Desai gives patients outcomes that seem natural and boost their vanity. Because he is determined to be first-rate, Dr. Desai is called one of India’s principal specialists in cosmetic surgery.

Dr. DG Saple- Curefy

Dr. DG Saple

Renowned trichologist Dr DG Saple is well-known for his talent with conditions affecting the hair and scalp. Dr Saple is a great specialist with 46 years of experience in diagnosing and treating quite several hair issues, which include alopecia, scalp infections, and hair loss. As a reputable authority in the area, the doctor is dedicated to giving each affected person individualized attention. Because of that, Patients come to Dr. Saple for his thorough examinations and commitment to presenting top-notch trichology effects.

Dr. Gunjan Aggarwal

With over 12 years of experience and a wonderful educational heritage, Dr. Gunjan Aggarwal is a distinctly positioned dermatologist. She is an MD-qualified expert in Dermatology, Venereology, and Leprosy, and she or he has an MBBS diploma. As a result, Dermatologist Dr. Aggarwal is famous for her know-how and dedication and she is practising as a medical doctor, wherein she gives quite a few treatments including laser hair removal, treatment for skin allergies, management of hair illnesses, hair regrowth answers, everlasting zits answers, remedy for acne and acne, and remedy for fungus infections.

Dr. Trisha Nandy

Dr Trisha Nandy is a certified trichologist who holds an MD in Dermatology, Venereology & Leprosy in addition to an MBBS. She presents specialized care in the prognosis and remedy of quite a few hair and scalp issues primarily based on her preference. Dr. Nandy specializes in patient-centric processes and also offers complete solutions custom-designed to satisfy each patient’s desires. She is regarded as a reliable and highly reputable trichologist in the dermatological area. Her focus is devotion to improving affected persons’ well-being and her tireless commitment to perfection.

Dr. Sauvik Sardar- Curefy

Dr. Souvik Sardar

Based in Kolkata, India, Dr Souvik Sardar is a famous trichologist who treats pores skin, and hair situations. Dr. Sardar has an extremely good deal of experience and understanding. He offers thorough analysis and remedies for dermatitis, eczema, pimples, and hair loss. As a result, Dr Sardar is famous for his kind demeanour and willpower to affect personal care. He works tough to create individualized treatment programs that are probably catered to the necessities of every patient. Dr. Sardar is trusted with the aid of his patients because of his expertise, professionalism, and strength of mind to enhance the health of their pores skin, and hair.

Dr. Amrendra Kumar- Curefy

Dr. Amrendra Kumar

A supreme dermatology health facility’s director and co-founder, Dr Amrendra Kumar is a super-talented trichologist. Dr Kumar, who received his dermatology from AIIMS, is well-known for his information like issues with the hair and scalp. He presents many analyses and treatment options for scalp infections and hair loss for instance. The truth that Dr Kumar holds an MD from AIIMS certifies his knowledge and commitment to offering top care. Patients believe Dr Kumar due to his complete method, individualized treatment applications, and self-discipline to get the possible results in trichology.

Dr. Ridhima Yadava- Curefy

Dr. Ridhima Yadava

Expert in Dermatology, Trichology, and Aesthetic Dermatology, Dr. Ridhima Yadava has over 12 years of experience. Her sizable revel covers dermatological issues, which include hair loss, pores and skin issues, and beauty techniques. Also, Dr. Yadava has a reputation for the profession because of her ability to identify and treat a huge variety of dermatological issues. in addition to her dedication to patient care. Patients are looking for Dr. Yadava’s information because of her careful approach, and individualized remedy. Dr Ridhima has a dedication to offering superb trichology and dermatological effects.

Dr. Ariganesh- Curefy

Dr. Ariganesh

With almost seven years of expertise, Dr. Ariganesh Chandrasegaran is a well-known trichologist and hair transplant surgeon. He practices in Chennai and has successfully performed more than a thousand hair transplant treatments for clients worldwide. Now he is placed at the Chennai Center and DermaClinix in New Delhi. By utilizing his vast experience, Dr. Ariganesh is dedicated to giving his patients the best possible care. Dr. A C has received recognition with a Gold Medal in General Medicine. Dr. Arifganesh has written for esteemed journals including the Journal of Cutaneous and Cosmetic Surgery and Mycopathologia.

Trichologists in India are the most skilled in treating hair loss. Patients searching out hair loss remedies may be assured comprehensive care way to its integration of traditional knowledge and modern scientific trends. Indian trichologists not only maintain the same old in the profession with their determination to innovate and perfect but also they focus on giving people coping with hair loss difficulties hope and self-assurance.

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